Frequently Asked Questions

On what stock exchange(s) is Vistra Energy traded and under what symbol?

Vistra Energy shares are traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol "VST".

Does Vistra Energy pay a dividend on its stock?

Yes, please visit our Dividends page for a list of historical dividends

What is Vistra Energy’s CUSIP?


When is Vistra Energy’s fiscal year ended?

December 31.

Who is Vistra Energy’s Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm?

Deloitte & Touche LLP

Who is Vistra Energy’s transfer agent?

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC

How do I get added to Vistra Energy’s email distribution list?

Please sign up on the Vistra Energy Investor Relations website under the navigation "Resources", "Email Alerts".

What is the strike price for Dynegy Warrants?

The strike price for the warrants issued (VST.WS.A) is $35 and in exchange the shareholder receives 0.652 VST shares

I own DYN shares—who do I contact?

Each share of DYN was exchanged for 0.652 shares of VST on April 9, 2018. If you believe you now hold shares of VST, please contact our stock transfer agent, American Stock Transfer (AST), to confirm. You can reach AST at 800-937-5449 or

I used to own a stock in a company that Vistra now owns. Who do I contact?

Please contact our stock transfer agent, American Stock Transfer (AST), to confirm if you are now a holder of VST. You can reach AST at 800-937-5449 or

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